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UFCW 951 Staff

UFCW 951 members have an experienced and dedicated staff working for them in a variety of capacities.
Every day and in a variety of ways, the UFCW 951 staff works to make members’ lives better and the local union stronger and more efficient. Some staff members spend their time in the field visiting members’ workplaces making sure their contract is being followed, while others meet with employees at non-union companies to help them achieve the protections of a union contract. Other staff members spend most of their time at the union office, managing the local’s finances, maintaining accurate member records, producing membership communications, and developing membership programs. When needed, staff members lead union contract negotiations and represent members’ best interest in the political arena.  

Union Representatives

UFCW 951 union representatives are committed to helping members. Each union representative is assigned to assist members at several workplaces. Union representatives make regular visits to members' workplaces to check in with them regarding working conditions, questions about their union contract, potential contract violations, and other issues that may affect them as UFCW 951 members. Union representatives will also have information about the latest union events, scholarships, and discounts.

Find your union representative here or call the UFCW 951 office at 1.800.999.0951.

Union representatives are required to return all calls from members within 24 hours.

Union Organizers

UFCW 951 organizers understand the many challenges workers face on the job, and help those who need a voice in the workplace gain union representation. Union organizers educate workers about their rights, explain the union organizing process and help workers win union representation despite their employer's union busting efforts.

Organizing new workplaces not only brings the benefits of a union contract and representation to workers employed there, but it protects current members' contracts and strengthens the local union. UFCW 951’s organizers help workers make real improvements in their living and working conditions by building power in the workplace and winning legally binding union contract with employers.

If you're interested in more information about what it takes to bring the union to your workplace, contact the UFCW 951 organizing department today.

UFCW 951 Office Staff

The UFCW 951 office is home to several departments. Members of the local’s Communications, Education and Membership Services Department produce all of the union’s print and electronic media, develop membership and steward trainings, and coordinate member events, discounts and special services. The department welcomes your input. Send them a message at any time.
The local’s Finance Department oversees all of the local’s financial and accounting operations including budgeting, investments and cash flow analysis to make sure UFCW 951 remains a financially strong organization with the ability to provide excellent service to the membership.
Members of the UFCW 951 Union and Business Office Administration Department perform a variety of duties to ensure the smooth operation of the union including clerical support, data processing, building and equipment maintenance, dues processing and technological support. Contact this department if you have a question about your union dues or need to update your contact information.