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UFCW 951 Leadership

A democratic organization, UFCW 951 members elect their leadership every three years.Three officers and an executive board composed of rank-and-file members, just like you, are elected to lead the union. The board meets regularly to approve the union’s activities which are implemented an overseen on a day-to-day basis by the officers.

UFCW 951 Executive Officers

John Cakmakci, UFCW 951 President

John Cakmakci was elected UFCW 951's president in 2013. A union member for more than 35 years, he brings extensive experience to the office of president. As a high school student, John joined the union when he began working for Kroger. He went on to work his way through college as a Jewel food clerk, where he was elected steward by his co-workers at age 18. In 1981, John was elected to the executive board of UFCW Local 36 in Kalamazoo, which later merged with UFCW 951.

Early on, John served as a volunteer union organizer, helping workers at Knouse Foods, Dowagiac Nursing Home and Harding's stores achieve union representation. By the time he graduated from college, John was elected to the union's executive board. In 1985, shortly after completing his graduate degree, John was hired as a UFCW 951 union representative.

As a UFCW 951 staff member, John’s experience includes organizing, contract negotiations and office management. In recent years, John was the director of the local's field staff, organizers and collective bargaining departments. In 2008, he was elected as UFCW 951's secretary-treasurer, and in 2013 became UFCW 951’s president.

Dave Way, UFCW 951 Secretary-Treasurer

Dave Way is a long-term UFCW member and experienced union representative. He spent 26 years at Meijer working in retail, warehousing and transportation; serving his coworkers as their steward; and later as an executive board member. In 1996, Dave joined the local's staff and has worked as a union representative, organizer and field staff supervisor. More recently, he headed the local's collective bargaining efforts. Dave became UFCW 951’s secretary-treasurer in 2012.

Executive Board

UFCW 951's executive board is comprised of the president, secretary-treasurer, recorder, two executive vice presidents, and numerous vice presidents. The board meets quarterly to conduct union business and to authorize expenditures. The board functions on the membership's behalf, making critical decisions under the guiding priciple of doing what is best for current members and strengthening the local union for future generations. Your vice presidents are listed below:

Western Region Eastern Region Central Region
Lori Baker, Meijer #119
Gloria Carlson, Meijer #221
James Flowers, Meijer #158
Jonathan Foster, JBS
Kristy Geldersma, Meijer #205
Teresa Jones, Meijer #71
Chanell Wilcoxson, Knouse Foods
Nicholas Daly, Meijer #70
Karen Hampton, Meijer #63
Jamie Peacock, Meijer #173
Todd Regis, UFCW 951
Stephen Speare, Meijer #882
Marisa Didur, UFCW 951
Traci Grube, Rite Aid 4378