About : UFCW International

UFCW International Union

UFCW 951 is one of 400 local unions belonging to the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union. There are UFCW local unions in every state and in Canada.
The UFCW International union, headquartered in Washington DC, was formed in 1978 with the merger of the Retail Clerks and the Amalgamated Meat Cutters and Butcher Workmen of North America. Since then, the Barber, Beauticians and Allied Industries International Association and the Insurance Workers International Union, and the Retail, Wholesale, and  Department Store Union have merged into UFCW.

These mergers, combined with aggressive organizing campaigns, brings union representation to more than a quarter million workers, making UFCW one of the largest AFL-CIO affiliated unions. Today, UFCW International Union represents more than 1.3 million North American workers who are employed in a variety of fields.

How the UFCW International Union Works
The structure of UFCW International is very similar to that of the local union. Three executive officers are responsible for its daily operation, and an international executive board, comprised of local union presidents, meets quarterly to oversee the business of the international.

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