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The History of UFCW Local 951

When UFCW 951 was chartered by the federal government in September 1951, it was actually known as the Consolidated Independent Union (CIU).
Local 951 was chartered by the federal government in 1951, hence the name "951". At that time, the local union was not affiliated with an International Union, and operated as a consolidated independent union representing 200 West Michigan Meijer workers.

A campaign to end Local 951's status as independent union began in 1972. It took six years and two affiliation votes, but in 1978 the now 7,000 Local 951 members voted to join the Retail Clerks International Union (RCIU)  giving additional strength and voice to the membership.  

The following year, the RCIU merged with the Meat Cutter and Butcher Workmen to form the United Food and Commercial Workers, (UFCW) one of the largest international unions in the country. 

The 1980s brought additional growth and diversity to UFCW 951. In 1981, members of UFCW Local 20 voted to merge with UFCW 951. The following year, members of UFCW Local 36 made the same decision. These two mergers brought an additional 3,500 members to UFCW 951 expanded the employers and industries represented by the local. In addition to Meijer employees, UFCW 951 now represented workers at other grocery chains, as well as drug stores, food processing plants and nursing homes.

UFCW 951 has continued to grow its membership, not through mergers, but successful organizing campaigns, where formerly non-union workers vote to join UFCW 951.

Today, UFCW 951 represents over 32,000 workers across Michigan and is the largest UFCW local in Michigan and the ninth largest in the nation.